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Michael Rich is an executive and personal coach, and organizational development consultant. He also designs and facilitates leadership programs. Throughout Michael’s work he is known for his combination of non-judgmental and precise presence that fosters insight into new ways of understanding and being. 

As a coach, Michael brings his expertise in authentic leadership, mindfulness/awareness training, and emotional intelligence in support of fulfilling potential and achieving goals. He is particularly effective at helping clients build a high-resolution picture of their internal landscapes, which increases potential for conscious development and choice on their paths to success. Clients break through habitual ways of thinking and being, allowing them to cultivate more authorship and courage in their actions and reactions. Clients report increased resiliency, clarity, fortitude and authenticity. Michael’s work is informed by a conviction in the inherent goodness, intelligence, and potential of all people.

Michael has coached CEOs and founders of technology companies, entrepreneurs, financial managers, and many others on their paths of personal and professional development. 

As a consultant he has worked with technology companies from start-up to mid-size, financial management agencies, food and beverage companies, non-profit and religious organizations. As a mindfulness/awareness trainer, Michael has worked with professionals in many walks of life. 

Michael’s professional experience includes co-founding a leadership training company called CEO Bootcamp, being managing director of Sun Camp, a non-profit leadership training organization for teenagers, a mindfulness teacher on the online platform Simple Habit and is an advisor to Highlander Wealth Services, a mindful financial company.